Self-Service Moves

Budget Truck RentalTaylor Moving is a full-service moving company, but we understand there are many people who are self movers who want to save money on their next move. For those of your who are do-it-yourself movers, we combine the advantages of full service moving with the rewarding low prices of a truck rental. We are an authorized Budget Truck dealer, so we can rent you trucks for your local or one-way move at a reasonable price and supply boxes and other moving supplies. Since you’ll be taking care of the packing and loading, you get the best moving service at the best price.

Schedule a Budget Truck Rental

We will arrange to deliver a clean, secure truck to your home, office, or storage facility on the day you request. We can arrange to have the trailer picked up when you are done with the truck. In typical self-service moves, you load and secure your own belongings in the trailer. We can provide a hazard insurance guarantee on each and every shipment.

If you want us to be a tad more involved, we can help load/unload, we can do so. You simply select the day and we will arrange and guarantee loading dates.

Benefits of the self-service move include:

  • Budget truck rental, providing a smooth, safe ride for your shipment
  • Loading dollies, which allow you to move items in and out of the trailer with ease
  • Loading ramps, which help alleviate stress on your back
  • Large furniture pad blankets to help protect your belongings from scratches
  • Tie-down straps to secure your items during transit

Taylor Moving is happy to help you as much or as little as you need with your move. Contact us today at 303-443-5885 to discuss your options and get a quote for self-service moves.


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