Loading Moving TruckIf you want to minimize costs of your move by renting your own truck and doing as much of the work on your  own as possible, one of the biggest challenges for movers is loading and unloading the trucks with all of your belongings, including heavy furniture and appliances. Taylor Moving can help you load/unload your rental truck, freight truck, storage container, or trailer. Our experienced movers will correctly and efficiently load the items in a way that maximizes available space and prevents damage during transit. Not properly taking advantage of available space will create numerous additional hassles and the cost of making possibly extra trips or paying for additional rental trucks.

Taylor Moving provides an affordable and effective solution for the loading of your personal belongings. Based on the size of your move and your specific needs we will staff a team of professional movers to handle the loading process. Benefits of our loading/unloading service include:

  • Padding and wrapping furniture to keep them safe during transit
  • Handling all of the heavy lifting, which can be dangerous to do on your own
  • Using proper loading technique to maximize space
  • Providing dollies to maneuver heavy items
  • Dissembling/reassembling furniture
  • Disconnecting/reconnecting washer/dryer, refrigerator, and other appliances

Most importantly, we work quickly and efficiently to help clear your old home/office and fill your new home to minimize downtime and get you on with your life as swiftly as possible. If you want to handle much of the moving duties yourself, but rely on movers to handle the heavy lifting in loading/unloading, count on Taylor Moving. Call us at 303-443-5885 today for your free estimate.

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